Quercus UOFT: How to Access U of T Quercus 2022

Quercus UOFT is the University of Toronto’s instructional generation toolbox, powered via way of means of Canvas LMS. As a U of T pupil, you could get right of entry to your route content, view your development withinside the route, and put up assignments.

How to log into quercus uoft

To log into U of T quercus;

  1. Visit the Quercus Login Page on your browser
  2. Enter your UTORid and
  3. Enter your password to login
  4. Select a Course out of your Dashboard (or visit Courses).
  5. If your route does now no longer seem at the Dashboard, go to Courses > All Courses to peer if it’s miles there.

Individuals with running UTORids can get right of entry to Quercus, the University of Toronto’s new Canvas-primarily based totally coaching and getting to know environment, at q.utoronto.ca.

Enter the UTORid which you use in your Acorn account with the identical password.

If you haven’t used Acorn UOFT formally earlier than and are new to U of T, attempt to get right of entry to acorn with the username you had been given, and the password that you set whilst you had been admitted into U of T and started enrolling on your courses. Check out UOFT instructional calendar.

Be cautioned that scholars and group of workers were encountering photograph loading issues whilst the use of the Safari browser with Quercus. This can effect you whilst you’re taking quizzes in Quercus UOFT.

  1. Therefore, do one of the following alternatives to keep away from any disruptions:
  2. Use any other browser (Chrome or Firefox), OR
  3. In your Safari browser visit Preferences
  4. Select the Privacy icon
  5. Ensure the “Prevent cross-web website online tracking” is deselected.

Uoft Quercus Faqs

View the Frequently Asked Questions at the University of Toronto Quercus.

What is Quercus UOFT?

Quercus is the University of Toronto’s instructional generation toolbox, powered via way of means of Canvas LMS. Students can get right of entry to route content, view their development withinside the route, and put up venture files. Log in to Quercus UOFT together along with your UTORid at https://q.utoronto.ca.

Why is it referred to as Quercus?

A pupil contest changed into performed withinside the fall of 2017 to call the brand new LMS. Three college students proposed the call Quercus, all bringing up it because the Latin phrase for the Oaktree genus and its relation to the University of Toronto coat of arms’ oak tree and the motto “velut arbor aevo”, Latin for “as a tree via the ages”.

How do I extrade my favored show call?

To extrade your selected show call withinside the Quercus please go to https://my.auth.utoronto.ca. Changes could be represented in Quercus after about 24 hours.

What need to I do if I can’t get right of entry to Quercus (Canvas) in my domestic country?

Due to authorities regulations, Instructure prohibits the unauthorized use of its services and products in particular nations and regions. Refer to “Which nations are constrained from the use of Canvas?” for the maximum up to date facts. If you’re a pupil residing in any such nations, you could attempt to get right of entry to UOFT Quercus through the University of Toronto’s VPN service.

Can Quercus stumble on cheating?

Worry approximately being accused of cheating. This is from the Quercus UOFT website. If you pass right all the way down to Quiz logs it says what facts could be logged. If you depart the take a look at for 15 seconds or extra it will likely be logged and can be visible as cheating.

Why can’t I log in to Quercus with my UTORid?

You won’t have activated your UTORid and password. If you’re a first-time UTORid user (each new and returning college students) go to www.utorid.utoronto.ca and observe the commands under “First Time users”.

As a New pupil, you need to spark off your UTORid. You will discover connection with a “Secret Activation Key”. This changed into at the start issued to you whilst you picked up your T-card. If you’ve got got misplaced your “Secret Activation Key” you could go to your campus Help Desk.

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