'Bloop': NASA Mars lander captures what it sounds like when a meteorite hits Mars

Whether it changed into thru a film or reality, people have constantly puzzled what it'd be like if a large area rock hit Earth.

Believe it or not, area cloth is constantly hitting our planet; NASA says scientist estimate 48.five heaps of it do each day.

Even aleven though cloth like meteors, additionally called fireballs, had been acknowledged to motive a loud "boom" or mild up the sky, it is uncommon to pay attention the cloth sincerely hits Earth's floor.

But on neighboring Mars, NASA says, scientists have been capable of "pay attention" what it appears like while area rocks hit a planet.

NASA's InSight lander, which has been reading Mars' indoors when you consider that touching down at the floor in 2018,

changed into capable of come across seismic waves from 4 area rocks that hit the planet in 2020 and 2021, marking the primary time such waves have ever been detected on Mars. 

The researchers' findings have been posted withinside the magazine Nature Geoscience on Monday.